Cross-chain Smart Contract Hub t3rn Rolls Out Testnet on Rococo Prior to Mainnet Launch

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t3rn, a smart contract hub for Polkadot that enables cross-chain execution, has just deployed its testnet parachain on Rococo, the network’s primary testing bed.

After being launched, the network, named t0rn, is currently connected to the rest of the ecosystem’s parachain testnets.

Special mention must be made to the fact that the Rococo deployment is an essential step to ensure the functionality of t3rn’s atomic cross-chain smart contract execution environment.

The objective of this technology is to solve an important problem affecting cross-chain interaction, which is how to make sure a transaction is validated on both ends of the transactions.

The project’s atomic cross-chain execution model means both sets of transactions are guaranteed to both succeed or fail (and rolled back in the event they fail).

t3rn founder Maciej Baj has commented on the deployment:

“Deploying on Rococo is a huge milestone for us, as this is the last testing ground before reaching a mainnet with economic value. With t0rn, developers will be able to try out our backend and our unified UI. Other parachains can register for Gateways and test our execution model. We think this will be revolutionary for the Polkadot ecosystem, finally enabling true cross-chain execution going beyond simple asset transfers.”

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