Lightning Client LND Adds Support for Taproot

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Lightning Labs developers have released a beta version of the LND client for the Lightning Network with support for some of the latest Bitcoin protocol enhancements, including Taproot.

In addition to the ability to make transactions from Taproot format addresses, the LND 0.15 release includes solutions such as new remote procedure call (RPC) methods to support MuSig2 experimental multi-signature, reduced database size by approximately 95% by reducing the amount of information stored in recall logs, improved pathfinding variable as well as a new neutrino subserver that extends application developer tools.

Michael Levin, Principal Product Development Specialist at Lightning Labs, has noted that LND 0.15 helps make the Lightning Network more “reliable, resilient, and secure.”

He claims that more than 50 participants joined the release of the new release of the client, which was a record figure in the entire history of the project.

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