Hydra Ventures DAO Attracts $10M

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Hydra Ventures DAO has raised $10 million to create a new generation of investment DAOs, similar to TradFi’s signature fund of funds.

This endeavor was supported by 1kx, Collab+Currency, ConsenSys Mesh and Seed Club Ventures, as well as CMT Digital, MetaCartel Ventures, KR1, Logos DAO, NEAR Foundation, Polygon Foundation, Hutt Capital, Nonagon, Tane Labs, Owl Ventures, Daedalus, Fire Eyes, Zypsy, Tokentus, 707v, Syndicate, Maverick Crypto and NxGen.

Their goal is to expand the sector of investment DAOs and set industry standards for their management, structuring, and design.

Pet3rpan, a venture investor and partner of 1kx, is leading the team that is prepared to work in all aspects—from community coordination, fundraising, org chart, incentive design to back office.

According to DeepDAO, the investment DAO segment currently includes 89 entities.

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