HeartX Unveils Token Airdrop Game “Vote-to-Earn” to Warm Up the Launch of the Platform

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Central, Singapore, April 6th, 2023, Chainwire

HeartX, a Web3.0 art trading marketplace and community platform, is set to change the game for the art market. The team just announced their pre-launch Vote-to-Earn Game is live now. This new experience allows users to earn tokens ($HNX) through voting on artwork pieces by swiping right or left as Like and Next, giving them a chance to engage with the core feature of the platform in advance and get rewarded for showing their preferences on the arts.

The immersive Vote-to-Earn game is a clear demonstration of the platform’s user-centric design, letting people experience the X-to-Earn model in an easier way. By leveraging blockchain technology, HeartX is creating a platform that is more user-friendly, transparent, and entertaining than anything that has come before. Through the Vote-to-Earn system, HeartX is committed to redefining the value of arts by the community consensus with the heart.

“We’re all excited about it! All users can earn tokens by ‘swiping’ to vote,” said HeartX founder Anson. “We believe that it’s important to make it more engaging for people and reward them for being part of our community. And through the forming of the community consensus, we would establish a new valuation standard for the artwork pieces.”

It is simple to play the game: users can earn tokens by voting on the daily artwork pieces on the event website, no log-in or registration is needed, users can just swipe/click right for like, or left to show the next one. The rewarding tokens $HNX can be used in various scenarios once the marketplace is launched, including investing in your preferred artwork pieces to boost them, and accessing premium features.

The HeartX team also announced that during the “Vote-to-Earn” campaign, users who have accumulated more voting works that reached a consensus on community aesthetic views would have the opportunity to participate in the beta testing experience when the HeartX App is launched.

Gathering influencers in not only Web3 but also the digital art space, the Vote-to-Earn game is just one example of the many innovative features that the HeartX team has planned for its users. HeartX’s vision for the future of digital art goes beyond being an online marketplace. The team is working to create a marketplace that leverages the power of blockchain technology and provides a binding community for its users. Another current update is that the HeartX token “$HNX” is now available on Uniswap, and it can also be acquired from other decentralized exchanges in a short time. According to the HeartX team, the project is moving forward, and the team believes that more people will join and form a large community, eager to be part of the next big thing in Web3.0.

The Vote-to-Earn game is now live, and the team invites users to participate in the voting activities and join the community. The team is confident that this new experience will bring brand new joy and will help to drive engagement and participation in the Web3.0 art community they are building. Users can now join the game, show their taste and support, and earn tokens at https://heartx.art/event/index.html#/.

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