WonderFi CEO: Canadian Institutions Are Interested in Cryptos

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Canadian financial companies and hedge funds have recently begun to take a closer look at the digital currency market, as the decision of the authorities to gradually legalize the industry had a positive effect on its attractiveness, said WonderFi CEO Dean Skurka at the Blockchain Futurist conference in Toronto.

In the first half of 2023, institutional investors preferred to enter virtual currencies through the OTC market; now they are searching for other channels such as exchanges and funds linked to cryptocurrencies.

Skurka stated that clear regulation is leading to positive results, and observed the gradual growth of their customer base. Even though the crypto community has previously criticized the Canadian government for being slow to legalize the industry, resulting in exchanges such as ByBit and Binance leaving the country, the enforced legislation creates conditions for the growth of the blockchain industry in Canada.

The WonderFi team voiced their support of such a policy.

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