US Congressmen Call for Proof-of-Work Testing for Environmental Damage

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A group of US congressmen have asked the Environmental Protection Agency of the US to review the mining industry for environmental risks and compliance with relevant laws.

The authors of the letter were particularly concerned about the Proof-of-Work consensus algorithm. According to them, a single Bitcoin transaction can provide the average US household with energy for a month.

As an alternative, congressmen are proposing a “less energy-intensive” Proof-of-Stake technology, which allegedly uses 99.99% fewer resources.

The authors of the initiative have expressed concern about the violation of laws on clean air, clean water and noise from mining farms that disturb the peace of citizens living in the neighborhood.

The congressmen have also mentioned the success in the fight against the crypto mining company Greenidge Generation, which in July was accused by New Yorkers of environmental violations.

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