Lark Davis: The Interest of Large Companies in Cryptocurrencies is Growing

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Despite the bear market, crypto investor and blogger Lark Davis has listed the biggest companies involved in the digital asset industry.

Davis has stated:

“Don’t let the bear market fool you. Corporate adoption of cryptocurrencies is happening right now. Some big players are taking serious steps.”

He has mentioned BlackRock, the largest asset management firm with $10 trillion AUM, who launched a bitcoin trust for institutional clients and offered them access to cryptocurrencies through Coinbase Prime.

Additionally, he has referred to Mastercard’s cooperation with the immersv payment protocol, allowing Web3 wallet holders in Australia and New Zealand to use digital assets as payment. Visa has also signed a long-term strategic partnership with cryptocurrency platform Wirex, allowing the British startup to issue debit and prepaid cards in more than 40 countries, including Asia-Pacific and the UK.

Davis has concluded, “So get ready. Because what follows the halving in 2024 will amaze people.” Earlier this year, Davis had announced the superiority of Ethereum over Bitcoin in terms of the number of new owners per year.

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