US Presidential Candidate Robert Francis Kennedy Will Support Bitcoin

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Robert Francis Kennedy Jr, the nephew of the 35th US President and a presidential candidate in the current election race, has recently expressed his plans regarding cryptocurrency to The New York Post.

He has promised to create an environment where citizens can exercise financial independence, with regulations put in place to prevent money laundering.

However, he was opposed to the “digital dollar,” believing it could be misused and possibly abused were repressive control to be put in place.

Kennedy has stressed the importance of finding a way to create global regulations for Artificial Intelligence technologies in light of billionaire Elon Musk’s words concerning the potential for AI to take over human jobs and eventually even “kill us.”

He has gone on to express his opinion that cryptocurrencies are an alternative to the traditional financial system.

In addition, he began accepting donations in cryptocurrency, claiming it as a “symbol of democracy and freedom” at the Bitcoin 2023 conference. Kennedy also chastised US regulators of the “war on cryptocurrencies” which lead to a banking crisis in the country.

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