Australia is Third Country with Largest Number of Crypto ATMs

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As of July 1, 2023, Australia had risen to third place in the ranking of countries with the highest number of Bitcoin ATMs, boasting 513 digital currency terminals according to CoinATMRadar service data.

This leap, which originated in January of this year, booted Spain out of the top three. North America remains at the lead spot, with the United States owning 30,997 and Canada consistently following with 2,787 Bitcoin ATMs.

Poland, El Salvador, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Romania, and Georgia also represent the first ten countries in this ranking.

This July marks the resumption of growth in the number of Bitcoin ATMs worldwide after the powerful drop in January – March of this year, with a balance of 35,902 in June 1st and 36,172 by the start of the current month.

Industries under the name of General Bytes, Genesis Coin and BitAccess account for over 50% of all ATMs operating.

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